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Setting up a Dedicated Server

1. Download the server files from here.
2. Create a new folder anywhere on your computer.
3. Extract the ZIP archive in the previously created folder.
4. Change the server settings in the citmp-server.yml file.
5. Port forward/open port 30120 (UDP & TCP).
6. Open CitizenMP.Server.exe.
7. Enjoy.

Port forwarding

1. Open up Command Prompt. (Windows key + R -> "cmd").
2. Type in "ipconfig", and take the default gateway of your network device that you are using (Wireless/Ethernet).
3. Open your internet browser and type in the default gateway Address.
4. Log in and navigate to the "Virtual Server" or "Port Forwarding" area for your specific router.
5. This is the part where you kinda need to help yourself. If something asks for an application name, put anything (we recommend CitizenFX). For the port, put 30120, and for the "forwarded IP address" (might be a little different), put your IP address. If something mentions "protocol" such as UDP or TCP, put both. If you can't, then do this 2 times, 1 with UDP and the 2nd TCP.
6. Enjoy.

Troubleshooting/Known Issues

Server is not displayed in the server list

Reason 1:
Port 30120 is not open

Reason 2:
You have not specified an IP on the configuration file.

Solution 1:
Open Port (30120 UDP & TCP)

Solution 2:
Try asking your Internet Service Provider for a Static Public IP.