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    Gostown Paradise added! Wanted levels are disabled to avoid crashed on certain parts of the map. If you see police cars, don't shoot the guys inside (at least on the top portion of the map/island). Also accidentally left the citmp-server file with password enabled.

    Change player model via command:

    For commandserv.lua, underneath:

    1. RegisterServerEvent('commandEntered')
    2. AddEventHandler('commandEntered', function(source, fullcommand)
    3. name = GetPlayerName(source)
    4. command = stringsplit(fullcommand, ' ')
    5. print("[Command]" .. name .. " entered command " .. fullcommand)


    1. elseif(command[1] == "/player") then
    2. if command[2] == nil or string.len(command[2]) < 1 or string.len(command[2]) > 30 then TriggerClientEvent('chatMessage', source, 'Server', { 0, 0x99, 255 }, "~r~That's an unknown ped.")
    3. else TriggerClientEvent('changeModel', source, command[2])
    4. end

    For commandclient.lua, add the following anywhere:

    Enable/disable walk mode:

    For commandserv.lua:

    1. elseif command[1] == "/walkon" then TriggerClientEvent('walkOn', source)
    2. elseif command[1] == "/walkoff" then TriggerClientEvent('walkOff', source)

    For commandclient.lua:

    1. AddEventHandler('walkOn', function()
    2. SetNetworkWalkModeEnabled(false)
    3. end)
    4. AddEventHandler('walkOff', function()
    5. SetNetworkWalkModeEnabled(true)
    6. end)

    Swapped polpatriot with apc as in the car generator in map file? It's not reliable. Just use a trainer or /veh command in chat to spawn the vehicles you want.

    Also, the setups aren't complete because I'm kinda lazy so you might need to mess with them. For reference, go to your EFLC folder, and open the content.dat inside TLAD and TBOGT to see all the possible episodic content that can be enabled (as well as images.txt, I don't remember if I added all .imgs from both episodes to the images.txt in the resource, speaking of which, when multiple .imgs have the same files, the ones put on top take priority, example being like player animations for anim.img).

    Nice, glad to see some new modes. Will definitely have to try them out.

    Ped.dat can't be streamed afaik and disabling original peds.ide to stream a new one has some issues I've noticed (people crash trying to join) so a player would need to have those client sided.

    Citizen automatically finds your EFLC folder via registry. If for some reason that doesn't work out (crashing/freezing on load when it should obviously work) you can point Citizen to your EFLC folder (but you'll need a 1070 IV exe in it) or copy TLAD/TBOGT folders to your IV folder.

    I googled Riot and Anarchy mod and they seem very old and outdated, the Riot mod listing that it supports version but Citizen runs on version version of the game.

    You only need to install .asi scripts into Citizen folder. Only .ini files would go to your GTAIV folder.

    The problem is, if two people have different car files, one of you will crash as soon as said car is damaged.

    If you are hosting your own server, all you have to do is stream the modded car:

    Make your own resource folder, then a stream folder inside it, and put your modded car model files inside there.

    (You might also need to have at least an empty __resource.lua text file inside your resource folder)

    More detailed explanation here:

    [TUTORIAL][SERVER] Streaming models

    Now if you also want to change handling, carcols and such for it (a bit complicated):

    [TUTORIAL][SERVER] Possible Content.dat overrides

    Then add your new resource to citmp-server.yml

    PS. GTA 4 cars are not boring and Avendator is ugly shit :P


    . I put the vc_hud , vc_radio , vc_race and dsound.dll from Rage directory to Citizen directory . Well , everytime when players connect to my server fall into the water (standard place for spawning or something like that , spawn zone ...) :

    , again and over again in the same place . Should I edit something in the Citizen Server ? like citmp-server.yml or ... ? I have another issue , I can't see the blood of the NPC in VCR Map . Even with max settings , the Citizen Server somehow block the blood on my game ? When I shot the people , can't see any scratches on clothes or any trace of blood

    Edit spawn coordinates in resources>[maps]>freeroam-map>map.lua

    As for blood, I have no idea. I've never tried running VC map on Citizen.


    In single player i have no problem . When I go fast through the walls and crash my car in MP , the player doesn't fly out of the car through the windscreen ... (another problem with connection?)

    I don't know exactly why all players receive a "Lost connection" . I have 300mbps bandwith of "DIGI fiber link", because I'm from Romania , also the speed goes up to 480/500mbps . I know , i have a "potato:cursing:" pc , that should be the reason for "Lost connection" ? If the server it's open on my computer(that means i'm the host)requires more hardware resources from my pc to run "smooth" without lag and glitch ?

    Not flying through the windshield is normal, that is carried over from standard Multiplayer. Don't know if it can be enabled again.

    As for people losing connection, I have no idea. That can happen on any server. My guess is on people having their game installation modded with different files or something. I'm sure it's not related to your connection or PC.

    To set a password, open citmp-server.yml with Notepad and remove the # from #Password: changeme

    Read from Fastman's Limit Adjuster config file, useful if you're going to load EFLC/Addon content:


    ; VehicleStructs (50)

    ; Max number of vehicles with different IDs loaded.

    ; PtrNode Singles (80000)

    ; PtrNode Doubles (16000)

    ; EntryInfoNodes (16000)

    ; Vehicles (140) ? (Unknown where this is actually relevant, there are more than 140 in IDE)

    ; Objects (1300)

    ; Tasks (1200)

    ; CDummyTask (300)

    ; Events (300)

    ; PointRoute (256)

    ; PatrolRoute (32)

    ; PedAttractors (64)

    ; QuadTreeNodes (800)

    ; InteriorInst (1000)

    ; PortalInst (500)

    ; CAnimBlender (300)

    ; CAtdNodeAnimChangePooledObject (3000)

    ; CAtdNodeAnimPlayer (1500)

    ; crFrameFilterBoneMask (1800)

    ; crFrameFilterBoneAnalogue (1500)

    ; crExpressionProcessor (1500)

    ; crmtObserver (1500)

    ; NavMeshRoute (1)

    ; Cam (60)

    ; ExplosionType (16)


    ; IDE : objs section type 1 / hier section (28000)

    ; IDE : objs section type 2 (550)

    ; IDE : tobj section (1800)

    ; IDE : cars section (205)

    ; IDE : peds section ( 585 )

    # IDE : weap section ( 100 )


    ; IPL : inst section, buildings (32000)

    ; IPL: inst section, animated buildings (500)

    ; IPL: inst section, dummies (14000)

    ; IPL : inst entries per file (8192)

    ; IPL: entity index array (60)


    ; tracks.dat file size limit

    #Tracks.dat file size limit = 76384

    ; Radar map size (6000)

    ; Water map size (6000)

    ; World map size (6000)

    ; World sector size (50)

    ; World LOD sector size (200)

    ; WDR / WFT / LOD / NTH

    #FILE_TYPE_MODEL = 31000

    ; WTD (6000)

    ; IPL / WPL (500)

    ; WAD (1500)

    ; RRR (2072)


    ; Number of standard lines (160)

    ; Number of bike lines (40)

    ; Number of flying lines (40)

    ; Number of boat lines (40)

    Bikes take up both standard and bike lines. Helicopters take up both standard and flying lines. Boats take up both standard and boat lines.


    ; Vehicle colors (196)


    Number of vehicles in IV: 127

    Number of vehicles in TLAD: 25

    Number of vehicles in TBOGT: 33 (6 of them also in TLAD)

    Combined total (minus duplicates): 179 (below IDE Limit)

    Stockade, Pstockade, Perennial2, Feroci2, Faggio2, Regina, F620, Serrano2, Police3, PoliceW, Cavalcade2, Stretch2, Schafter2, Schafter3 and SuperD2 reuse existing handling.

    Combined total of Standard handling lines: 167 (3 non existent aircraft lines, 2 identical lines, above Limit)

    Free up slots by deleting the following duplicates or unused handling lines and modifying vehicles.ide:

    Wayfarer = Identical to Angel

    Cablecar = Identical to Subway

    Androm, Dodo, Fighter = Do not exist

    Number of peds in IV: 436
    Number of peds in TLAD: 114 (34 cutscene)

    Number of peds in TBOGT: 100 (47 cutscene) (at least 6 IG gang duplicates, 1 CS Niko duplicate from TLAD)