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    This script will let you cycle through each livery if available in your vehicle using a simple menu.

    Additional information provided inside files.


    V1 Release

    V2 Added missing __resource.lua file. Thanks to $crooge_MxDuck for reporting.

    This script will let you enable and disable each extra from your vehicle using a simple menu.

    Additional information provided inside files.


    V1 Release

    V2 Added missing __resource.lua file. Thanks to $crooge_MxDuck for reporting.

    STEP 1: Create a folder named [models] at X:/CitizenMP-IV Reloaded [Version number]/resources/

    STEP 2: Create a folder for each type of model inside the STEP 1 folder


    X:/CitizenMP-IV Reloaded [Version number]/resources/[models]/vehicles

    X:/CitizenMP-IV Reloaded [Version number]/resources/[models]/peds

    X:/CitizenMP-IV Reloaded [Version number]/resources/[models]/weapons

    X:/CitizenMP-IV Reloaded [Version number]/resources/[models]/anims

    STEP 3: Create a folder named stream inside STEP 2 folder


    X:/CitizenMP-IV Reloaded [Version number]/resources/[models]/vehicles/stream

    STEP 4: Create an empty LUA file extension named __resource.lua inside STEP 2 folder


    X:/CitizenMP-IV Reloaded [Version number]/resources/[models]/vehicles/__resource.lua

    STEP 5: Place the models files inside the stream folder


    X:/CitizenMP-IV Reloaded [Version number]/resources/[models]/vehicles/stream/infernus.wft

    X:/CitizenMP-IV Reloaded [Version number]/resources/[models]/vehicles/stream/infernus.wtd

    X:/CitizenMP-IV Reloaded [Version number]/resources/[models]/peds/stream/m_y_cop.wdd

    X:/CitizenMP-IV Reloaded [Version number]/resources/[models]/peds/stream/m_y_cop.wft

    X:/CitizenMP-IV Reloaded [Version number]/resources/[models]/peds/stream/m_y_cop.wtd

    X:/CitizenMP-IV Reloaded [Version number]/resources/[models]/weapons/stream/w_glock.wdr

    X:/CitizenMP-IV Reloaded [Version number]/resources/[models]/weapons/stream/w_glock.wtd

    X:/CitizenMP-IV Reloaded [Version number]/resources/[models]/weapons/anims/cop_wander_radio.wad

    STEP 6: Open citmp-server.yml at X:/CitizenMP-IV Reloaded [Version number]/ and add new resources entries for the created ones.


    STEP 7: Run server. Models should be streamed without problem. Profit.

    For any additional inquiry contact us at our Discord server by visiting the chat section of this forum.

    How to run ENB's when a server owner disabled ASIloader/clientside scripts?

    Only STEP: Go to X:/CitizenMP-IV Reloaded [Version number]/ and rename ''dsound.dll'' to something else.

    Now ENB will be loaded in any server.

    Additional scripts such as trainers won't be loaded respecting server owners' will.

    STEP 1: Download any enb modification compatible with game version

    STEP 2: Download mono-2.0.dll file which is required to make the enb work properly along with CitizenMP:IV Reloaded.

    STEP 3: Extract all files from the enb modification to both game X:/Grand Theft Auto IV/ and client directories X:/CitizenMP-IV Reloaded [Version number]/

    STEP 4: Extract mono-2.0.dll only to the client directory X:/CitizenMP-IV Reloaded [Version number]/

    STEP 5: Run client. ENB should be fully working. Profit :thumbup: