• NOTE : This trainer/menu isnt developed by our team but we will try to improve this menu in the future... ALL PROPS to the developer of this menu!! <3 

    STEP 1 : Download and extract the files inside from citizeniv.net/index.php?attachment/6/

    STEP 2 : You will find gta_dir and citizen_dir , you will have to copy all the files from gta_dir folder into Grand Theft Auto IV Directory and the files from citizen_dir folder into your CitizenMP:IV Reloaded Directory.

    STEP 3 : Open up your game and have fun.

    Toggle trainer with F3 and close it with F4, numpad 8/numpad 2 for up/down, numpad 4/numpad 6 for left/right and numpad 5 for OK/ENABLE and DISABLE. Also ALT + F6 is a hotkey for airbreak/noclipping. More information/functions inside trainertbogt.ini file.

    For everyone running the servers on our platform, you are able to disable script hook which will lead to disabling this trainer and every other menu that is compatible with CitizenMP:IV Reloaded that uses script hook.

    For disabling script hook, you will have to open up citmp-server.yml file inside your CitizenMP:IV Server directory and set "ScriptHookAllowed: true" to "ScriptHookAllowed: false". Easy as that. For anyone having issues with this, you can always hit me up on discord or any other admin/moderator.

    Have fun! <3